The Benefits of Automation You Didn’t Imagine

The Benefits of Automation You Didn’t Imagine

Automation pays out, and relatively quickly too. But some of the benefits come from less obvious places.

Viderity looked at the impact — costs and benefits — of automation in the world of application management, based on in-depth interviews with Viderity clients. For many organizations, the catalyst for considering automation is a cost reduction target. However, most clients quickly discover that the benefits of automation go much further than just reducing operating cost.

No doubt, straightforward cost reduction is a benefit. AI and cognitive technologies, as well as preventative maintenance, can reduce the need for human intervention in routine tasks. For Viderity clients, automation led to a 70 percent reduction in ticket desk volumes* which can have an immediate impact on the bottom line.

  • Increased capacity means more growth opportunity. What could your employees do with 10 percent more time to spend on proactive, strategic work? Many of our account teams have made a direct switch of skilled resources from maintenance to enhancements — supporting the business’s forward agenda rather than keeping the lights on.
  • Productivity gains for application users net real savings. The small amounts of time saved for users of applications that run with automation can add up. Organizations can turn their attention to harnessing the productivity gains to drive innovation and rethinking the entire process workflow to create new capacity.
  • System availability has an invisible but crucial impact. Cost avoidance from a reduction in high priority incidents is significant — as is the reduction of operational and reputational risk.
  • We have long argued the spectrum of benefits from automation beyond cost reduction. Now, an independent assessment proves it.

Then ask yourself: What could your organization do with benefits like these?

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