Customer Experience Analysis

Are You Really Making Your Customers Happy?

Find out if your customers are happy - and how to make them happier - with Viderity's customer experience analysis services.

It’s happened to you. You’ve visited a website seeking information, products or services. And you weren’t particularly satisfied with the experience. Maybe the site’s navigation was less than intuitive. Perhaps it was visually unappealing.

Whatever it was about the website that put you off, did you contact the organization to inform them of the issue?

Probably not. Most people don’t.

Most of your unhappy visitors just slip away in silent dissatisfaction, seeking to fulfill their needs elsewhere. They might never show up at your site again. To put it bluntly: you had your shot, and you blew it.

You might not ever get a second chance to fix that bad first impression.

Find Out If Your Users Will Be Happy BEFORE They Become Users…

There’s a science to assuring customer satisfaction. It’s called customer experience analysis. And when applied by experts like Viderity’s team of analysts, it can yield great insights into improving every aspect of the customer experience.

Our analysts can evaluate your site or your application through the eyes of first time users – a task that may be quite difficult for your people given their familiarity with your product. They can find flaws in the user experience that may simply have gone unnoticed by your team. And they’ll apply their expertise in making recommendations for fixing the bad, and improving the good.

Sometimes major changes are recommended. And sometimes just tiny tweaks can yield massive improvements. Something as simple as changing a label or adding a link can cause user satisfaction to soar.

There’s an old saying: You can’t please all the people, all the time. But you can please most of the people, most of the time. We’ll help you get there.

Viderity’s customer experience analysis services includes:

A/B/n Split Testing. No need to guess about what makes your users happy. Split testing measures the results of both minor and major changes, and helps you tweak your product to absolute perfection.
Lab-Based Usability Studies. Measuring the response of users in a controlled, closely monitored environment provides an unbiased evaluation of the user experience.
Expert Review. A review of the user experience by a knowledgeable expert can often yield insightful suggestions for improvement.
Card Sorts. Who better to offer guidance in making your product user-friendly than your users? Card sorting helps to assure that user-friendliness is incorporated into the design and architecture of your site or application.
Ethnography/Field Studies. Provides real-world insights into the quality of the customer experience that you provide for your users.
Focus Groups. What do your customers really think about your product? Ask them in the right way and in the right setting, and they’ll tell you. Focus groups can provide invaluable insights into improving the user experience.
Live Website Benchmarking Studies. Find out how the user experience you offer compares to specific standards and goals.