Testing Services

Software Testing is Key to Assuring Product Quality Excellence

And Viderity's independent verification & validation services will assure the quality of your software applications.

Modern software applications can be astoundingly complex, containing thousands upon thousands of lines programming code. And applications are often required to span a multitude of technological platforms, and interface in complex ways with other software applications.

It’s no surprise that an occasional bug creeps into the works.

But glitches in software applications are much like any other type of problem: they’re best dealt with by nipping them in the bud. That’s because finding bugs early in the software development life cycle minimizes their impact upon costs and schedules.

Diligent testing to prevent bugs from ever pestering end-users takes some upfront effort. But that effort pays off handsomely in cost reductions and timesavings down the road – not to mention sparing more than a few headaches.

Software Testing Isn't Only About Finding Bugsā€¦

Testing in support of software quality assurance isn’t only about finding problems with how the application works; it’s also about finding problems with what the application is trying to accomplish. So our testing teams at Viderity are tasked with two overarching goals when independently testing a software application:

  1. Assure that the software application works as designed
  2. Assure that the software application design supports the requirements goals

All too often, organizations spend millions in the development of a new piece of software – only to find out in the end that it doesn’t do what they need it to do.

Testers of that new piece of software may have diligently sought out, reported, and confirmed the resolution of bugs in the source code. But somewhere along the way the project got off track. And though the testing team assured that the code functioned flawlessly, they neglected to confirm that the design truly fulfilled the requirements.

The result? A piece of software was delivered that functioned beautifully, but was essentially worthless to end-users. Our testing teams won’t let that happen to you. They’ll assure that your software works properly – in every way.

And in our role as independent testers, separate from the development team, we’re better positioned to provide a truly objective assessment of both software quality and functionally.

We Offer Complete End-to-End Testing Services

Our testing teams offer a full range of software testing services, including:

Test Planning. We’ll develop a systematic, structured approach to comprehensively testing a software application.
Automated Tests Development. Automated testing can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the testing process. Automation can also provide more thorough and complete testing coverage of an application.
Functional Testing. Testing to assure that the application conforms to the specifications of the design requirements.
Load Testing. Assures that the application will perform to specification under maximum load, while serving the maximum number of users.
System Testing. Verifies that the individual components of an application perform synergistically and error-free when assembled into the complete system.
Installation Testing. Assuring that the process of installation and initial setup will be smooth and error-free for end users of the application.
User Acceptance Testing. Provides final assurance that the application performs to specification when deployed by end users in ‘real-world’ conditions.
Security Testing. Identifies any weaknesses in the application that may pose a threat to reliability, functionality, and the security of proprietary data.
Quality Control (quality assessment / quality management). We provide a comprehensive range of services designed to confirm and assure the quality of a software product.
IV&V or as Part of an Integrated Project Team (IPT). We offer the flexibility of providing quality assurance as a completely independent unit or integrated within the development process.