Website Accessibility Remediation

For ADA, WCAG 2.1 & Section 508 Standards

Website Accessibility Remediation Process

For ADA, WCAG 2.1 & Section 508 Standards

With the rapid increase of Internet usage and more ADA lawsuits coming to light triggered by web accessibility barriers, ADA, WCAG 2.1 & Section 508 remediation services are proving to be a necessary step to take solution. It is the most essential part of the web accessibility process to ensure compliance with the current ADA, WCAG 2.1 & Section 508 standards.

Removing Barriers to

Accessibility remediation is a process that ensures that the barriers that prevent people with disabilities from accessing content are eliminated. Once a website meets all standards and requirements under the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1), a website is considered to have been successfully remediated.

Those guidelines require websites to be perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust, among many other guidelines. By following the standards listed in WCAG 2.1, a website is also in compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which is a legal requirement.

Section 508 was put in place to prevent discrimination within education and government and applies to the operability of electronic communication and information technology. Further it is to protect the equal rights of people with disabilities. When a website is not compliant and people with disabilities are unable to access content, it is considered a civil rights issue under to Section 508.

Implementing the Best Accommodations

Considering the platform the Internet provides, it is important to look at how people benefit from its use. People with disabilities rely on the Internet in many ways that people without disabilities don’t.

For example, people with vision impairments may use the Internet through the use of their assistive technology such as a screen reader software to read the newspaper or receive an education, while people with mobility impairments may use the Internet to order their groceries or other supplies due to their difficulty or inability of traveling outside their home.

When a website is poorly designed and unnecessary barriers are present, these people are faced with an unpleasant experience; in many ways, they face discrimination.

By using appropriate accessibility remediation solutions to address these issues, obstacles are overcome and an organization’s risk can be minimized while providing access to all users.

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Develop Your Liability Matrix
and Corrective Action Plan

Following the initial assessment and audit process, Viderity will work with you to create a Liability Matrix. Following we will collaborate with your teams to develop the Corrective Action Plan.

The Liability Matrix is a document that outlines major areas of liability ordered by priority of what should be addressed first. The priority is determined by many factors, but the primary consideration is what issues can be addressed to have the biggest impact in the shortest time frame. The reason for this is that, depending on the instance, resolving one technical issue could impact many pages on your website.

By delivering these quick wins you are able to demonstrate that you are aggressively working to remove barriers. This is essentially an ordering of tasks to be included in the Corrective Action Plan.

Your Roadmap to

The Corrective Action Plan is a detailed and comprehensive documentation of the path to resolving all web accessibility issues present in your digital environment.

The Corrective Action Plan includes work assignments for both Viderity’s teams, your leadership teams, and internal and/or contracted technical teams.

This document becomes the roadmap that will guide the entire process of remediation for ADA, WCAG 2.1 & Section 508 standards.

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Website Accessibility Remediation Process

For ADA, WCAG 2.1 & Section 508 Standards – Tailored to Your Organization’s Needs

Throughout the remediation process, Viderity provides a hands-on approach that is highly consultative and education-focused; it is truly a collaborative partnership. Every project is unique, and our personalized remediation plans are customized to the meet the unique needs of your organization. By providing personalized plans, your organization receives specialized services. At Viderity, your project is not simply a check mark off a generic list.

Processes Designed Around
Your Teams

Viderity works with you each step of the way to tailor the project structure around your business, rather than require your team to adhere to a strict set of rigid practices.

There will also be zero room for confusion, as our experts will provide in-depth explanations as issues are being addressed.

While providing remediation for ADA, WCAG 2.1 & Section 508 standards, Viderity will work collaboratively with your technicians and developers, both internal and/or contracted.

By offering a collaborative approach, we are able to prioritize high-impact issues for resolution, which streamlines the process. By utilizing this method, we are able to help you identify issues that can be resolved quickly and that will have the most impact, allowing for significant quick wins which are beneficial all around.

If your organization is already involved in legal action as it relates to web accessibility, we will help expedite the process of auditing and remediation services to address the issues quickly and efficiently.

Collaborative Success

As tasks for remediation are identified, we will work together to confirm that the best team members are assigned to individual tasks and development sprints.

By hand-picking team members, we can provide the most knowledge to each situation. Our team is made up of a group of diverse individuals who have unique perspectives and can provide insight on issues that may otherwise be overlooked.

In some instances, we may find that there are numbers of the same issues on various pages within a website.

When that occurs, the best tactic for addressing those may vary depending on the issue; however, we put great value on finding the best solution for each instance and will not address it like a one-fix-solution.

Education and Preparation for the Road Ahead

Customization is key when providing our services. We assess all digital content, not only websites and mobile devices. We also aid with PDF and Microsoft Office document remediation, audio description, and video captioning, in order to ensure all digital content is accessible.

Through remediation for ADA, WCAG 2.1 & Section 508 standards, Viderity will also provide thorough documentation and relevant tutorials that you will be able to retain for future reference and internal training. Ideally, through providing education and awareness, future accessibility barriers can be prevented.

At the conclusion of the project, clients are left feeling more confident, having learned more about accessibility, allowing them to feel better equipped to consider key factors as they are planning future content, functionality, and development projects.

We also provide ongoing monitoring services to ensure previous that remediation services are still functioning adequately, and to ensure no new issues arise as new content and functionality is developed.

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Your Letter of Conformance

At the conclusion of the remediation process and a final Quality Assurance review of your website, documents, and applications has been conducted, Viderity will provide you with a Letter of Conformance explaining that your digital environment has been reviewed and meets accessibility compliance standards.

This letter can also be used as a defense against any possible litigation proceedings. There is evidence that legal proceedings have been dismissed after a letter of conformance was provided, thus preventing a time-consuming and costly legal battle.

By utilizing remediation services to achieve a functionally accessible website, your organization benefits in a variety of ways. You’ll experience happier users, increased business and revenue, and you will know that you are providing equal access to all potential users of your website.

Picking the Right Partner

At Viderity, we take pride in providing a worry-free, hands-on approach that not only satisfies your organization, but also its users.

Our goal is to help you avoid legal liabilities while providing maximum accessibility for the users of your website and all of its content.

When our leading team of experts puts their 10+ years of web accessibility involvement and education to work for you, you’ll experience an enjoyable, stress-free interaction throughout the accessibility consulting process.

Developing knowledge and understanding when it comes to web accessibility takes time, and our experts can help provide the expertise and guidance to help you feel comfortable enough to ask for help, or work to address issues going forward.

At Viderity, we take pride in each partnership, and would love to provide you customized remediation services for ADA, WCAG 2.1 & Section 508 standards that would best fit your organization’s unique needs.

Contact us today to learn more about remediation services, and to take the first step toward an accessible website.