Cloud Solutions & Services

It's Not Hype…Cloud Computing Really Does Offer An Amazing Range of Benefits

Viderity's cloud experts can fast-track your agency's ability to tap into the power of the cloud.

Many government agencies and businesses are migrating much or all of their IT operations to the cloud. That’s because the cloud offers unprecedented opportunities for maximizing the benefits of IT operations while minimizing the costs and headaches.

We’ve helped many of our government clients move to the largest cloud in the world, the Amazon cloud, already home to agencies such as NASA, CDC, USDA and FDA.

Our cloud clients enjoy benefits such as:

  • Reduced expenditures on in-house technology infrastructure
  • Quick, easy, pay-as-you-go scalability
  • Access to data and applications anytime, from anywhere
  • Enhanced collaboration among employees
  • Smaller support staff
  • No worries about running out of storage space
  • Enhanced security and easy disaster recovery of data

It’s true: Life really can be better in the cloud!

We Can Help You Get There…

Is your future in the cloud? We can help you get there. Our cloud services and solutions include:

Private and Community Clouds. You’ll have the choice of saving costs by sharing a community cloud, or having a cloud that’s privately owned and used by your organization.
Cloud Data Management. Cloud-based data must be managed effectively, appropriately, and somewhat differently from more traditional database management methods.
Legacy-to-Cloud Application Migration. We can modify most legacy systems of traditional architecture for migration to the cloud. Legacy migration can reduce or eliminate the costs of developing new applications that are purpose-built for a cloud environment.
Cloud Setup and Integration. We offer the expertise to make your initial foray into the cloud a painless and pleasant process.
Cloud Hosting and Administration. We’ll arrange for your place in the cloud, and handle ongoing administration tasks for you.