Viderity Gives Back

Investing in Charitable Organizations that Transform Lives

Business is an important component of life. It keeps the wheels of the global economic engine turning. It’s how we each earn our living. But there’s more to life than business.

Many organizations are dedicated to improving the world rather than making a profit. Thousands upon thousands of volunteers worldwide are focused on supporting the disadvantaged and needy in their local and global communities. These volunteers make a difference in the lives of countless people on a daily basis.

At Viderity, we admire, respect and honor the spirit of philanthropy. We’d like to do our part in nourishing that spirit.

'' From those to whom much is given… ''

All in all, we consider ourselves a pretty fortunate bunch at Viderity. Each of us is very good at what we do. Each of us loves what we do. And the skills that we offer are very much in demand in the world of business.

As it happens, our skills are also needed by organizations, but paying for badly needed services such as web technology, strategy and design are beyond the reach of many charitable organizations.

So for deserving causes, we’re honored to contribute our skills and expertise and empower our employees to give back.

Partnerships United in a Shared Vision

By teaming up with other philanthropic organizations to give our time, creativity, energy, and monetary support, we support positive changes that help people and our world grow stronger, achieve progress and dreams, and discover new possibilities.

Viderity works to help a variety of groups in need, from abused animals needing protection to veterans seeking help coping with the stress of combat, from breast cancer victims to families struggling with autism. We give our support with a growing commitment to move our communities forward, transform lives, and help make progress in critical research and legislation.