White House 2.0

White House 2.0

Geeks U.S. President Barack Obama is placing IT and technology on the national stage. He relied heavily on the use of the Internet and social media tools like Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, and text messaging throughout his campaign.  And now he plans to appoint the country’s first chief technology officer (CTO), a cabinet-level position aimed directly on bringing technology in the public sector up to par with private industries.

There is a lot of speculation centered on who will fill the progressive position. Names supposedly on the shortlist include Shane Robinson of HP and Edward Felten of Princeton University.  Never has a U.S. president recognized the importance of IT and technological innovation like Obama. This is certain to be good for IT industry projects down the road. In fact, two of Obama’s three technology pillars on his website indicate increased project activity.

1. Barack Obama will protect the openness of the Internet:
Obama and Biden strongly support the principle of network neutrality to preserve the benefits of open competition on the Internet.

2. Deploy a modern communications infrastructure:
Obama and Biden believe we can get true broadband to every community in America.

3. Improve America’s competitiveness:
Obama and Biden will ensure our goods and services are treated fairly in foreign markets, invest in the sciences, and will provide new research grants to the most outstanding early career researchers in the country.

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