Content Management Systems

Improve How Your Agency Delivers and Manages Digital Information

Our experience and expertise helps you reap the full range of benefits offered by content management systems.

Viderity offers vast experience in helping government agencies select, install, configure, and manage enterprise content management systems.

With our help, many agencies have successfully navigated the difficult process of selecting and implementing a CMS. And now, they enjoy a smooth-running system that offers all the benefits of a CMS:

  • The ability to digitize offline processes
  • Effective management of documents and records
  • Content that’s more searchable and shareable
  • Increased organizational productivity

We’ve also guided many agency clients through the process of migrating from an existing CMS to one that better matches current needs. And many clients rely upon our expertise in maintaining and improving existing CMS implementations.

Our scope of services includes:

Content Analysis: We’ll help identify content that should be actively managed through your CMS, and develop appropriate data structures for each form of content. We’ll also enable effective, efficient categorization and searching methodologies for your content.
Integration of 3rd Party Tools: We’ll identify and integrate existing applications and plug-ins that will help to fulfill your functional requirements, speeding and simplifying development.
Customization: Sometimes the 3rd party tools and plug-ins that you need and want simply don’t exist. In that case, we’ll analyze your requirements and develop custom code that will assure that your CMS performs to your expectations.
Workflow Development: We’ll work with you to identify and code content publishing/approval workflows, ensuring a smooth and systematic methodology of content management.
Migration: We’ll manage the transfer of content from your existing CMS or flat-file system to your new CMS.
Training & Documentation: Without the proper training and education, change can be jolting and confusing. We’ll ensure that you have the documentation you’ll need to manage your new system on a day-to-day basis. We’ll also provide training as needed to help familiarize your people with the new CMS.

The best CMS for your enterprise? We'll help you choose.

There are many content management systems available. But only a few earn Viderity’s stamp of approval for offering the flexibility, reliability and ease-of-use that makes each enterprise CMS a smooth-running, effective and dependable system for our customers:

Drupal: Many of the world’s most popular websites run on Drupal. In fact, far more of the top 10,000 sites worldwide run on Drupal than on any other CMS. It’s also the CMS of choice for many government sites, including And it’s the CMS we’ve chosen for our own site,
Interwoven TeamSite: TeamSite uses a service-oriented architecture to smoothly integrate an array of content management services, including versioning and access-control, library services, a report center and content transformation services.
Sitecore: Sitecore utilizes a single-platform, easy-to-use interface for content management, website design and deployment, and content editing.
WordPress: The world’s most popular CMS. More websites utilize the WordPress content management system than any other CMS. Very user-friendly and easily customized. WordPress is probably not the best choice for larger enterprises that need to manage very large volumes of content.

We’ll analyze your needs and recommend the CMS that best matches your requirements. Or if your CMS is already in place, we can help you with extending its capabilities as needed, and with ongoing maintenance and management of the system.

There's no need for you to go it alone. Let us guide you through the process. That's why we're here.

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