Product Management

Your Product Begins as a Promising Concept. Your Goal is to Grow it Into a Finished Product that Fulfills its Potential.

Viderity's product management experts can make that happen.

You have an idea for a product – a concept, a vision. It’s an idea, you believe, that’s very promising, and that offers a great chance for success. But how do you turn the concept into reality? How do you attain the expertise required to nurture your product throughout its lifecycle?

The answer to those questions is very simple: You invite Viderity’s product management professionals to lend a hand. We specialize in managing the data-driven products that government relies upon to inform and educate citizens.

Our Product Management Consultants are Multi-Talented

Each of our product management consultants is a very experienced professional. And each brings an impressive collection of skill sets to the table. That’s important, because effective product management requires expertise across a broad array of professional disciplines, including development, marketing, communications, accounting and legal, and much more.

And that’s why our consultants will so capably guide you through the many stages of product development, including:

Product Roadmap Development. Taking a product from concept to completion is a journey. The product roadmap shows the way.
Market Feasibility Analysis. Whether your product concept is intended for internal use or for external markets, an in-depth assessment of the demand for the product and its projected benefits is crucial.
Defining Product Requirements. What problems will the product solve? What benefits will it deliver? Who will use the product? A wide range of questions must be answered to accurately define product requirements before design and development begin.
Business-Case and Feasibility Studies. Will the costs of product development be justified? Is this product concept really the best and only solution to the problem? Careful evaluation of these and other questions will help to avoid unnecessary, wasteful expenditures, and will serve to maximize ROI.
Beta Testing. Pre-launch testing performed by the target users of a product is a golden opportunity to tweak usability and catch bugs that went undetected during developmental testing.
New Product Launches. Smoothly executed, the launch of your new project can be an exciting, fulfilling experience. Expert guidance can assure that the launch is a positive experience for both product owners and users.

It's a Difficult Journey…

You believe that your product concept has great potential. But the journey from concept to completed product is long and difficult. And many perils and pitfalls lurk along the way, each threatening to snuff out your product concept before it can fulfill its true potential.

But when your product finally fulfills the potential that you’ve envisioned, the view from the summit of success is breathtaking. We know; we’ve seen the view from that summit many times. We’ll be happy to help you get there.