Company Profile

It’s Not About Us. It’s About We: Viderity and our Client Partners.

Viderity is a thriving, woman-owned small business that applies industry expertise, diverse skill sets, and next-generation technology to each business challenge. The post-digital age shows no signs of slowing down, and the need for rapid business transformation has never been greater. We meet clients wherever they are on their paths to change in every industry across the globe and partner with them to create lasting value. Our services and solutions are delivered through one-time engagements and through long-term managed services contracts.


Though our consultants are the best in the business, the true essence of Viderity can be found in our partnership approach to providing consulting services. Our clients aren’t just clients; they’re partners. Together, we form a team. And we work synergistically as a team toward the accomplishment of our clients’ goals.

It’s an approach that works because we offer big-company capabilities while retaining the agility of a small firm. We hire only the best people; people that love what they do, people that excel in what they do. We’re responsive and communicative; each client has direct access to Viderity upper-management. And we custom-craft each team to the client’s specific needs.

It all comes together in what we call the Viderity Approach.


Rachel Everett, our founder, spent years managing contracts and contractors for large consulting firms. She knew that in many cases consulting teams weren’t assembled with the greatest of care. And so the relationship between client and contractor often failed to evolve into that of an effective, smooth-running team.

The solution? Start a new company, and have total control over the process. So in 2008, Viderity was born. And now Viderity partners with each of our clients to form dynamic teams – teams that do great work and turn our clients’ goals into reality.

The result has been extraordinary: Award-winning work, including Presidential Awards for multiple government websites. Certification as a Top 10% Performer by OpenRatings. And most importantly, a long and impressive list of very satisfied clients.

The awards we’ve achieved and the recognition we’ve earned as an industry leader are certainly welcome. But in the end, we strive to achieve two goals with each of our client engagements: technological results that endure, and mutually beneficial partner relationships that flourish for many years.

That’s the Viderity Approach. And it’s the way business should be done.

About Our CEO

Rachel Everett is an American businesswoman who founded Viderity in 2008. Previously, Rachel held VP roles at large technology and management consulting agencies. Rachel was raised in West Virginia and moved to Washington, DC after earning an MBA. She has since received multiple leadership and technology certifications and a Masters’s in Information Systems from Harvard. Rachel is a movie and music lover and is passionate about fitness, technology, art, and most of all, her two dogs.