Information & Interaction Design

Engineering Outstanding Experiences One Diagram at a Time

Utilize our Information and Interaction Design services to craft intuitive and engaging user experiences that lead to higher customer retention and satisfaction.

Creating a well-organized, easy to use, and captivating user interface is the heart of any successful interactive project. Whether identifying a project’s functional requirements, designing the most intuitive organization for website content, developing a logical and user-friendly interface, or pinpointing design flaws through end-user tests, Viderity has the skills to meet all of your customers’ goals.

Our information architects are unique. They’re experts in user behavior, usability testing methodologies, web and application technologies, and interactive best practices. They also really like drawing diagrams. We thought this was a little bizarre at first – until we realized how skilled they are at communicating complex concepts clearly and efficiently. To paraphrase Einstein, if you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it well enough. Simplicity and ease of use are our highest priorities. The competition for users’ attention is vast, and you can’t afford to lose customers just because an interface wasn’t laid out properly from the start.

Big or small, Viderity’s information and interaction design team will help your project function more effectively with our suite of services:

Requirements Gathering

Our experts work closely with your stakeholders to identify and document your project’s functional and content areas. With a blend of imagination and proven interview techniques, we will transform your organizational goals into an actionable plan. Every decision we make is weighed against whether or not it will result in your ideal outcome.

Content Organization

Site mapping may not be the most glamorous activity, but it is crucial. Using statistically-driven methods like card sort exercises and tree testing, along with good old-fashioned common sense, we ensure that your content is always easy to find, and never more than a few clicks away.

Page Layout & Interaction Design

Whether you’re building a website or an application, the arrangement and flow of its pages is vital to a successful experience. Our information architects employ proven design patterns combined with years of practical experience to optimize information hierarchies and simplify complex applications.

User Testing

Interacting with end users is vital at every stage of the development process. We remove the guesswork by asking actual users, “Is it working?” as we go. What a concept, right? And because we don’t have to guess, we never guess wrong. Whether conducting tests to determine the optimal organization of content, evaluating works in progress, or identifying areas for improvement on existing sites, Viderity’s user testing team does it best.