IT Project Management

Your Project is the Orchestra. We'll Do the Conducting. Together We'll Make Beautiful Music.

'Our project came in on time, under budget, and the results were magnificent.' That's beautiful music to anyone's ears!

The task of conducting a world-class orchestra is project management, of sorts. The conductor’s job is to coordinate the individual efforts of a large team of highly skilled professionals. The potential for auditory disaster certainly looms large. But so does the opportunity for creating a work of indescribable beauty.

Project management in the world of government or business is much the same.

There’s a team of highly skilled professionals. There’s a task to be completed. And there’s the potential for disaster in the form of busted budgets, blown deadlines and disappointing results.

But when it all comes together just right thanks to able project management, the result is a work of beauty – at least in business terms.

Conducting Your Project with Virtuoso Skill

No music charms the savage beasts of corporate chaos and government inefficiency as effectively as projects brought in on time, within budget, and with the expected results.

So you might think of Viderity’s project management experts as virtuoso conductors. Or maybe lion tamers. Either way, you can be sure your project will be in very good hands.

Want proof? We enjoy a 100% rate of repeat business from our project management clients. Nothing proves client satisfaction as surely as customers returning to us over and over again for our project management services.

Our project management consultants bring world-class skills to your project, including:

Project Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Controlling, Closing. We’ll manage your project throughout its entire lifecycle, from beginning to end.
Effective Governance & Alignment. Is your project aligned to your organization’s objectives? Will it contribute toward the achievement of enterprise-wide goals? Effective project management includes realistic evaluation of a project’s benefits.
Program Assurance. What is the likelihood of success for your project? Systematic review and evaluation of a project’s goals, strategies and processes help to assure the project outcome you envision.
Management & Integration. Assuring that all the disparate components of a project work together smoothly and synergistically toward attainment of the project’s goals.
Financial Control. Both strategic planning as well as regular assessment of budgeting activities are required to keep expenditures in check and within the target budget.
Communications. Effective communications between all stakeholders and team members may be the most important component in successful achievement of project goals.
Risk Management. Identifying and assessing risk, and applying resources as necessary to mitigate risk is key to effective project management.
Quality Assurance/Quality Control. The quality of both project deliverables and the processes used to generate the deliverables must be continuously evaluated.
Performance Improvement. A structured program of performance evaluation will help to assure that project performance never remains static, but rather is continuously tweaked for ongoing improvement.