Core Values

Core Values

Viderity is driven by improving the performance of your organization while achieving your goals through our core values: Innovation, Best and Brightest People, Passion, and Collaboration. These values guide every action we take.

We Are Innovators

Viderity values creativity and forward thinking. The spirit of discovery allows us to constantly improve ourselves and our relationship with our clients. We use new ideas and strategies to solve problems, improve our services, and better serve our clients. Our innovation drives everything from our constant improvement of daily tasks to how we plan new projects.

We Use the Latest Technology to Hire and Cultivate Top Talent

We recruit and interview the very best people for our clients’ requirements. We hire based on the latest skills, intelligence, and personality tests, in addition to interviews, work samples, and simulations to gauge specific job-related abilities and skill sets. Our clients appreciate our successful hiring practices, and the teams that result from them, and they showed it by ranking us as a Top 10% Performer on government OpenRatings customer surveys.

We're Passionate about New Technology

Viderity’s foundation was built on a love of technology and a passion for discovering, executing, and over-delivering the right solutions to our clients. When we’re not “working”, we’re still reading, sharing, and implementing tech ideas for fun, keeping ourselves on the cutting-edge while producing award-winning work. Our sites and applications have won many presidential awards, Webby awards, and ClearMark awards.

We Work Together to Achieve Collective Goals

We orchestrate harmonious cross-department collaboration within government agencies, involving as many stakeholders as possible to identify problems and brainstorm solutions. We involve the right people and strive to know the big picture; to assemble the puzzle before deconstructing it. Once we have sight of the big picture, we begin improving it.

What's In a Name?

Viderity comes from Videre – the Latin imperative for “see” or “look.” In Spanish, a vidente is a person who can see into the future. Viderity’s core values are based upon thinking progressively and looking beyond the “now” to formulate strategies for future success. We are constantly asking, “What’s next?”