Viderity Helps Overhaul NSF App

Viderity Helps Overhaul NSF App

The National Science Foundation has supported research in all fields of science and engineering for over 70 years. In 2018, the NSF worked with Viderity to overhaul its “NSF Science Zone” mobile app. The primary purpose of overhauling the app was to increase awareness for the NSF’s grant recipients by publicizing images and video of research results in a fun and easily digestible way.

Viderity built a new, visually compelling app through ongoing collaboration with the stakeholders at NSF. Viderity used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to accomplish this, and also used Adobe XD for the first time for prototyping and testing. Since the relaunch of the app went incredibly well, Viderity is now using XD to redesign NSF’s website and sub-domains, and will begin using the tool with other clients as well.

The app has become a default on elementary and middle school tablets, educating students about the progress of science through dynamic content. Since the mid-December 2018 relaunch, the app has been downloaded 150,000 times. The retention rate for the app has increased 168%, and the number of daily active users has nearly doubled. App installs have jumped 2.5 times, and iOS downloads alone are exceeding 45,000 per month.

You can read more about the overhaul and Adobe’s role here:

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