General Advice

Time For Spring Cleaning – Refresh Your Website For Higher Google Ranking

If you’ve put off developing your website in either responsive design or a separate mobile site, then your site will have difficulty ranking in Google's mobile search results. If traffic to your website is predominantly mobile and your website is not mobile-friendly, then your traffic will most likely be decreased due to low ranking.

Women Approach Tipping Point in Tech

“Women at a Tipping Point in Tech” reviews recent research on gender parity in the tech industry and looks for practical solutions to (and ultimately, transcendence of) women’s issues in the IT workplace.

Winning Government Contracts and Steering the Future

Budget reductions at government agencies can heighten competition for federal contracts. Old programs are discontinued; departments are restructured; experienced workers leave, jeopardizing existing relationships. What expertise do you offer potential agency partners, and what are the terms that will define how that partnership works? Understanding contract types can help you level the playing field for your business and aid you in winning contracts and developing business relationships that last. A recent article published by the Department of Defense offers some great insights into pending budget cuts and restructuring. Moving forward, the government will be looking for specialists in smaller quantities. A contract with single-digit full time equivalents may not offer a high enough payout for large companies seeking scale and...

12 Questions To Ask Your Clients Before and After a Project

Getting to know your client is an important part of determining if you’re a right fit for the project. Not only that, but you should always ask questions before-hand to compile information that you will later use to accurately design a website or logo for them. Wef you quote a client for a project without knowing what it truly entails, then you’re setting yourself up for the possibility of loosing valuable time and money. Now we know that asking questions before you begin a project is vital, but what about after you’ve completed a project? Although this may seem somewhat insignificant it’s actually an important step to finalizing the completion and delivery of your project. Below you will find...

Zen Leadership

The practice of Zen in both business and daily life is centered on the paradoxical acceptance above. As instinctually conflicting as it may seem, to truly be a great leader you must release yourself of your innate desire to lead. We no longer live in a world where the business model of leadership is intimidation, and seeing oneself as the all-controlling dictator will only lead to failing performances of your employees. Demands and threats only create fear and sub-par work. If someone is only concerned about being ‘adequate’ enough to maintain their position, then they will never have those singular breakthroughs that occur when they are genuinely interested in the success of the business.

Thank You Letters

Writing a thank you letter is a common courtesy. There are various times when writing a thank you letter is appropriate - anything from a formal, post-interview thank you letter to a casual, from the heart thanks to the person you went above and beyond to make a project a success. Writing a thank you letter will always serve as a kind and conscientious gesture. A thank you letter demonstrates thoughtfulness, which is a characteristic many employers and people value. Since so few take the time to write a thank you letter, someone who does will indeed be remembered. Your thank you letter does not need to be lengthy. Just a few kind words will show that you put...

Leadership for Those Who Remain

After layoffs it's difficult yet important for managers to maintain high morale and productivity for the  remaining. Their collective head is spinning with fear and anxiety that you need to replace with confidence. It's important to: Stress the fact that the layoffs were not a reflection of the performance of the staff who were laid off. Be open and available  assist with reprioritizing and rebalancing workloads among the remaining staff. Focus on addressing relevant employee concerns and how the company will move forward. Keep the programs and initiatives that serve to align employees and provide a return on investment. Examples include celebrating success and the achievement of milestones at a company and individual level. Read “On the case: Go team! Pretty please?” for ideas...

Typing a Business Letter in Full Block Format

Full block format is used for formal business letters. This format is characterized by the fact that every line starts at the left margin. None of the lines of type are centered, or on the right. The only exception is in the case of a pre-printed company letterhead. Full block format would be a great format to use if you were to write a letter of resignation, a professional thank you letter, a letter of recommendation, or perhaps resume a cover sheet. Here is an explanation of each line in the letter: Return Address:  If your stationery has a letterhead, skip this. Otherwise, type your name, address and optionally, phone number. These days, it's common to also include an  email address. Date: Type the date of your letter two to six lines below...