Creating Happiness

Creating Happiness

You Don't Find Happiness, You Create It!

We hope these videos bring a smile to your face – the theme of the collection is creating happiness! It can be tricky to spotlight happiness because reaching that state of being is widely subjective and deeply personal. That said, we think the following contributions – an experiment in gratitude, an unconventional happiness ‘formula’, a beautiful bond, and a celebration of life – stimulate feelings of hope and positivity and inspire general happiness. We hope you feel the same.

An Experiment in Gratitude

At our executive-team meeting this month, we spent time reflecting on the past year and all of the things in and outside of Viderity that we are grateful for. It was a special moment – like the experiment in this video, we found that sharing our gratitude lifted our spirits. Give it a try.

The Happiness Advantage

Society tells us that hard work will lead to more success and more happiness. In this fast-paced and entertaining TED Talk, psychologist Shawn Achor explains why he believes this formula is back wards and suggests a few small changes that can create lasting positive change.

Piano Pen Pals

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen stories of people connecting in creative ways to combat loneliness and keep hope alive. This heartwarming piano duet between a man and his unseen neighbor is a deeply touching example of the beauty of humanity. Connection, passion, love, and healing – we’re all in this together.

Be Sweet to Your Community

We’ve seen creative ways to connect during the pandemic, and now we’re seeing creative ways to connect as work ourselves out of it. Krispy Kreme is offering free glazed doughnuts every day to anyone who receives the COVID-19 vaccine – sweet!

Can’t Stop the Feeling

This song is inescapable, infectious, and full of joy – we just had to include it as part of this collection! While you’ve likely heard the song before, watching the film crew jam to the pop hit for the first time adds another dimension of soul, cheer, and hope.

Listen to My Heart

From their pure talent to their undeniable connection, it’s hard not to fall in love with this incredible brother and sister duo. The humility, originality, and freshness of this catchy tune about the unconditional love of a family gives us a wholesome dose of compassion and joy.

What Is… Passing Along Kindness?

In support of Alex Trebek’s dream for “a gentler, kinder society”, his family donated his Jeopardy! wardrobe – 20 suits, 300 shirts, and +100 ties – to The Doe Fund, a non-profit that helps men struggling with homelessness and incarceration write the next chapter of their lives. Amazing!

Yes, You Can

What happens when you give motivated, underprivileged students an opportunity to participate in an elite college program? An experiment by The Equity Lab found inspiring results – including an 89% pass rate – that make the case for new diversity efforts at elite universities. As the saying goes, education breeds confidence, and confidence breeds hope.

Perseverance: A New Hope

We often talk about resilience at Yeske Buie. A sister to resilience, Perseverance, NASA’s largest and most advanced rover, has made a big splash in the news after successfully landing on Mars. Check out these incredible videos of the rover landing and a panorama of the red planet that bring a new hope for space exploration.

I Want To See You Be Brave

To those who are coping with loss, or are dealing with insecurity, or are having a bad day, week, or year, let this song remind you of your inner strength and power. As Sara Bareilles says, “Let the light in and show me how big your brave is.”

An Unsinkable Spirit

This moving ad shines a light on the story of U.S. Paralympic swimmer, Jessica Long, whose unsinkable resilience is nothing short of inspirational. No matter where you are right now, don’t give up – there is hope and strength in all of us.

Love Lesson

These kids aren’t just cute as a button, they also have a sweet, wise, and innocent view on what love is – friendship, appreciation, happiness… and lots of eye contact. 

The Great Outdoors

Feeling a little cooped up? “The great outdoors are wide open!” Ever wonder why you always feel better after spending a few minutes in nature? According to this HBR article, “exposure to nature helps us switch from voluntary attention, which draws on our reserves of focus and energy, to involuntary attention, which requires less focus and energy. This allows us to recover from mental fatigue.” Give yourself the gift of a walk today.

The Ultimate Zoom Faux ‘Paws’

Okay, this video isn’t necessarily rooted in hope, but it’s almost guaranteed to bring you a big, genuine belly laugh. This lawyer’s faux pas with Zoom’s video filters is as relatable as it is funny – who hasn’t experienced a silly Zoom moment since our lives were moved to the virtual platform?!  

There Will Be Light After Dark

A song that is as heartwarming as it is heartbreaking, Luke Combs’ words pierce through the thoughts and feelings we’re all experiencing. Don’t lose hope, there will be light…

Born to Be Wild

This viral Twitter thread brought us a big ‘ole smile that we just had to share! Photographer Joaquim Campa shares photos of curious animals interrupting wildlife photographers. Nature is so full of hope and peace.

Scenic Relaxation

Missing travel? Feeling anxious? These scenic relaxation videos may be the antidote for both of these sentiments. Their beauty, perspective, and music are instantly calming, and give us hope for resuming our Live Big adventures in the not-so-distant future.

Let It Happen

These three talented sisters share a love for dance, and their energy, enthusiasm, and synergy are an instant dose of hope and cheer for those who watch. This video is their first of the new year, and the others on their channel are just as infectious – be sure to check them out!

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