Non Profit

Is your Non-Profit Helping to Make This World a Better Place?

We'd like to pitch in and lend a hand…

Technology evolves at a breathtaking pace. And companies that fail to keep up risk falling behind the competition. That’s why our commercial clients consider Viderity to be such a valued partner.

Business is an important component of life. It keeps the wheels of the global economic engine turning. It’s how we each earn our living. But there’s more to life than business.

Many organizations are dedicated to improving the world rather than making a profit. Thousands upon thousands of volunteers worldwide make possible the good works that non-profit organizations perform. These volunteers make a difference in the lives of countless people on a daily basis.

At Viderity we admire and respect the spirit of volunteerism. We’d like to do our part in nourishing that spirit.


All in all, we consider ourselves a pretty fortunate bunch at Viderity. Each of us is very good at what we do. Each of us loves what we do. And the skills that we offer are very much in demand in the world of business.

As it happens, our skills are also needed by non-profits. But paying for badly needed services such as web technology, strategy and design are beyond the reach of many charitable organizations.

So for deserving causes, we’re honored to contribute our skills and expertise.

Tell us about your non-profit

What’s your cause? How are you working to make a positive impact upon the world? If it’s a cause we can identify with, we’ll be happy to consider lending a hand. Deserving charities may qualify for up to $10,000 in Viderity’s donated services.

We can’t help everyone, of course; we have to be selective. But we’re eager to team up with those we can help. So email us at and tell us about your non-profit.

And thanks for your efforts in helping to make this world a better place.