Things it pays to know

One of our priorities at Viderity is empowering our clients (current and future!) We have a huge amount of knowledge, experience, and expertise which we know could be very helpful to you—and we want to share it. So here, we’ve started to package up some of it into conveniently-sized chunks (aka whitepapers).

You’re very welcome to download these documents, read them, print them out, and if you know anyone who’d benefit from them, by all means share them around.

Viderity Employee Engagement Surveys White Paper

Employee engagement surveys have grown in acceptance in the last 10 years because organizations believe they can leverage employee engagement for higher employee retention, greater customer satisfaction and improved financial performance.

Creating Results-Focused Project Management Offices (PMO)

Many organizations have made a significant investment in project management offices without seeing the expected results. PMO’s struggle with bureaucracy focused on documentation over delivery and strategic vision for the organization. The shift in technology demand requires the modern PMO to be the agent of organizational change and move toward becoming a results management office with a lean approach to delivery across organizational project/programs.

Cloud Governance and Management Success Plan

This plan provides a practical step-by-step approach to constructing and implementing a Cloud Governance and Management System that is effective and size appropriate. The techniques presented are intended for both standalone organizations and those within larger enterprises. The goal is to help those organizations prepare for the successful acquisition and oversight of cloud services.

Drupal 8 The Viderity Approach

Traditionally, many companies employ a technology-driven approach that focuses on a “build” point of view. User-Centric Design shifts the focus to place the solution’s users at the forefront of design to make the Total User Experience the priority

Enterprise Project Management Services

Enterprise Project Management (EPM) centers on the effective and efficient management of projects and resources across an entire organization. While EPM can play a role within larger business intelligence or business activity monitoring initiatives, it remains a separate and unique solution with a well-defined scope.

Information Security Management in a Government Cloud Environment

Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort of service provider interation.

How CIO Offices Can Enable Innovation

The successful application of CIO-Driven innovation within organizations offers a sustainable way to improve operating efficiency and performance, often while often also reducing costs. Survey results show that nearly 90 percent of organizations are looking for ways to be more innovative in performing their work and engaging customers.

Mobile App Trends

Organizations are strategically assessing their online services for mobile optimization. Mobile apps offer unprecedented opportunities for organizations to engage their customers and provide services more efficiently.

Building and Sustaining Effective Innovation Offices

There is a national trend toward the creation of innovation offices to help organizations move forward. This report examines the structural models being used to stimulate innovation. Drawing upon in-depth studies across innovation offices, six different models for the successful operation of an innovation office are covered.

Tools for Online Public Engagement

Determining how best to use online tools to engage the public may seem like trying to take aim at the world’s fastest moving target and not just because of the rapid development of new tools, or “apps”.  Management faces challenges in an era of dramatically increasing social media activity, where the worldwide community of Facebook users now exceeds the population of the United States.

How to Improve E-Government Through User-Centered Websites

The use by government of the internet and other electronic technologies, or egovernment, has allowed citizens to connect with their government more effectively than ever before in history. Yet this transformation has created a new challenge. No longer is it sufficient that strong and effective information chains have been built, even as government processes have improved.

Debunking the Need to Customize Online Experiences for Different Generations

Although it’s ingrained in our daily lives like the wheel or modern aviation, Internet usage by the general public is less than 20 years old. The Pew Research Center, recently put together an initiative called “The Pew Internet Project” and published a survey in 2008 based on adult Internet users.